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Statistics 2020 in year

Statistics 2020 in year

Last year 2020, the site was able to achieve a great turnout by customers in the market of selling distinctive numbers and distinctive car plates, so what helped the site to spread strongly is the provision of professional services to customers through online sales, which kept all customers from getting close and prohibited due to the Corona pandemic covd19.

The site achieved amazing results, as the site served more than 60,000 people directly, and more than 500,000 people through social platforms, while the site was traded from all over the world, and it provided many services with high professionalism and ease.

The 2020 site provides many services to customers, so the site has the two and three distinctive numbers at the lowest prices, and number evaluation and number drawing services are also available.

The 2020 website also provides services to sell distinguished mobile phone numbers with exclusive packages and gifts, as it offers the most distinguished numbers for the international networks of Etisalat and du.