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Please read the terms and conditions carefully before using this site. Once you use this site for trading it will be treated as the acceptance of 2020 special number trading terms and conditions for trading Distinguished plate numbers , if you don’t wish to comply with the terms and conditions of the site please don’t use the site. The Terms and conditions of the site are subjected to modifications, changes or updates at any time, which is automatically binding on the user.

The Personal data uploaded on the site is with the complete knowledge and free will of the user and will not be used for other purposes.

The 2020 Special number trading site must be used as per the law authorized and in a manner that does not infringe on the right of any individual to use or abuse the sites content.

The current terms and conditions are subjected to the provision of UAE Law, in the event of any dispute arising out of or in relation with the current terms and conditions or dispute regarding the website, whether regarding the present contractual relationship or otherwise, then the UAE law shall have the exclusive jurisdiction to interfere in that dispute.

The site sometimes request for the user's personal documents, as prove of identity of the user or to prove the ownership of the payment method used to purchase from the site. In case of suspension the site keeps these data in its system.

The sold number is transferred only to the traffic file that matches the buyer's data.

The Logo and the name of 2020 special number trading must not be used in any way that is likely to cause any confusion among its customers.

In the event that a user buys a number from the 2020 site and finds it's not available in the store, the user has the right to replace for another number or demand for a refund.

-In the event that the user choose refund rather than to substitute it with another number, the paid amount shall be refunded in the same method used to purchase the number, whether online- within a period of 7 or 15 days or in cash if made in cash payment.

-When a product is purchased from the 2020 special number website the buyer will receive the product within a maximum time of 24hrs from the date of purchase.

-The customer must provide a valid traffic file number in the Emirate of Dubai within a maximum of 72 hours from Purchase date. If it is not available, the company has the right to cancel the transaction and offer the number again for sale.